Investing Simplified

Samedh Investing for Brighter Future

There are several different approaches adopted by active investors to generate return from their financial investments and accumulate wealth. But passive investors do not have either time or skill or both to be able to generate adequate overall portfolio return. Passive investors can do better with support of simplified, quality investment advice to generate adequate return from their financial investments by devoting little time of their own. Disciplined saving and investing by such investors can open for them the gates to fulfillment of financial goals and achievement of financial freedom. Samedh Investment Advisory helps Indian investors in this pursuit.

Samedh Investment Advisory issues advice based on Value Investing principles and gives precedence to safety of invested capital over generation of return (Value Investing Philosophy). The advice is issued in form of quarterly Mutual Fund Portfolio to investors specifying appropriate Asset Allocation for quarter to take advantage of long-term asset class cycles (Asset Allocation Approach). The objective of Samedh Dynamic Mutual Fund Portfolio (SDMFP) is to facilitate growth of investors’ overall financial investment portfolio leading to wealth accumulation and achievement of long-term financial goals related to children, retirement etc.

Samedh Dynamic Mutual Fund Portfolio was launched in April 2014. Table below shows the comparative performance of portfolio with benchmarks of major asset classes (detailed comparison on Investment Advice page). FY19-20 portfolio advice is now available for the period April to Sept. 2019.

Comparative Performance of SDMFP and major benchmarks Nifty Gold (USD) * USDINR 3-Year FD @ SBI SDMFP
1st April 2014 6,704 24,810 8.75% 100.00
30th Sept. 2018 10,930 27,675 7.50% 165.01
Return during period 63.0% 11.5% 41.8% 65.0%

Simple, Quality and Affordable Investment Advice

The motto of Samedh Investment Advisory is to offer simple, quality financial investment advice at affordable price.

Simple: Samedh Dynamic Mutual Fund Portfolio (SDMFP) is designed in such a way that investors are able to follow it by spending less than 40 hours of their time in a year. These 40 hours are sum total of 10 hours to be spent to follow the advice in each quarter. No prior investment knowledge is required to follow SDMFP. The only pre-requisite are:

  • Availability of investible surplus with investment horizon longer than 3 years
  • An online Mutual Fund transaction account and know-how of operating the online account

Quality: Samedh Investment Advisory defines Quality on following parameters:

  • Adequate Return
  • Safety of Invested Capital
  • Holistic Advice
  • Continuous Hand-holding

The Quality aspect of advice has been elaborated on Why Samedh? page.

Affordable: Samedh Investment Advisory has been launched in April 2014 and can be subscribed to free-of-cost.

Registration for Advisory

Investors need no more than 5 min to register for the advisory by completing the simple registration form on the website. Registered users are contacted by advisory for further processing and also intimated quarterly about availability of updated Samedh Dynamic Mutual Fund Portfolio. The email helps them in being disciplined as they can plan their 10 hrs for the quarter on receiving the email. Samedh Investment Advisory is strictly against spam and registered users can expect to receive only relevant emails from the advisory.